If you have a keen interest in airsoft guns, you would have tried your hands on many of them. While some of the rifles are expensive, others are cheap. This review focuses on the cheap ones.

We are aware that there are so many brands of cheap airsoft pistols. So, it may be a little challenging to select any of them. We have done the hardest part of the job for you. We scouted for all the cheap airsoft rifles that are available in the market.

We checked their features and tested each of them. Based on their characteristics and performances, we narrowed the list down to the best ten cheap airsoft guns for you. To make the job complete, we have outlined the features of each of the ten airsoft guns for you.

We want you to check their features and agree with us on each of them. You have our assurance that if you purchase any of the ten shortlisted guns, you’ll be glad you did.

Our Picks of 10 Best Cheap Airsoft Guns Reviews:

1. Elite Force Airsoft Pistol

Elite Force Airsoft Pistol

The pistol is a premium product that is great with 0.25g BBs and even the larger ones. The pistol is handy and not heavy. It’s a unique product with a CO2 magazine.

The magazine can be used to save 14 BBs at a time. The functionality of this product, however, is semi-automatic. All you just have to do is shoot, and it would recoil the BBs.

And each shot can cover within the range of 300fpm to 350fpm. It has a threaded barrel of CO2 design. The design is absolutely durable than most ones that made of polymers.

Although this pistol is only used for shooting plastic BBs, yet it is made of steel. In other words, it’s a product that you can depend on its functionalities for long.

Indeed, you’ll get all these on a platter of gold since the cost of this product is affordable. Our product neither uses gas nor battery as a power source.

However, it works great with the trigger that comes with it. You can use this regardless of your technical know-how. It’s a product that doesn’t require an expert’s skill before it could be used. Just find out for more information below:


  • This product comes with a tool, a gun, and a magazine. It weighs 4 pounds on delivery.
  • The magazine works with 14 rounds BBs.
  • The size of BBs that this work with is 0.20g, and bigger ones. Using those pellets that are smaller could damage your gun.
  • The airsoft gun is lightweight and usable anywhere.
  • It has three tactical grips which make maneuvering it at the speedy transition to be very easy.
  • The product is made of steel and polymers for effective use.

2. BBTac BT-M82 Airsoft Gun 

BBTac BT-M82 Airsoft Gun 

Maximize your chances of hitting your target even with any pellet size by using our airsoft gun.

Our product works with 0.12g, 0.20g, and weightier ones, including bullet curves.

However, it’s expedient that it’s constantly lubricated if at all you’d be using this gun for such bullet curve pellets. That said, you don’t have to bother yourself about the lubrication because you can always depend on the manufacturer for instructions.

Moreover, our airsoft is an electric gun that uses a rechargeable battery. The battery is very easy to interchange. There is a high-grade electric motor on its inside that causes auto-shooting system super exhilarating.

And guess what? With its magazine that can save 45 BBs at a time, you can shoot for as long as you want. This is a premium product that comes with a scope and other accessories that make shooting full of fun.

The scope that it comes with has red dot sight. The implication of that is that it makes aiming at target clearer and distinctive. You can aim at targets both far and near. Its speed covers 200-270fps flawlessly.

Just endeavor to try it out and see, you won’t regret using it, why? Because it’s made of polymer and fun to play around with even for a long period.


  • This is a product that comes with a tactical torchlight and a Red Dot Sight scope.
  • This comes with a 7.2-volt battery, which is very removable and rechargeable. And, the removal of the batteries is easy.
  • The airsoft gun is compact, foldable, and durable.
  • It has an auto shooting system which is super intriguing. However, it’s its stock and overall design that makes it awesome to use.
  • The 3-mode of operations comprise of the safe, single, continuous.
  • It’s a lightweight airsoft gun that you can depend on.

3. Lancer Tactical – LT-12

Lancer Tactical - LT-12

As an adventurist, you need a tactical airsoft gun that can make each experience unforgettable. Of course, you wouldn’t be opting for those that would get spoiled easily.

If that’s the case, our lancer tactical – LT-12 is best for you. Although it’s made of polymer front, back, and flip-up sight system, yet the flip-up sight system can be used in different directions to get the best.

And, each shot taken by the gun can cover 450fpm. However, the length of the gun itself is 29.5-inch long and extendable to 32.5-inch with the use of the stock.

The stock is removable so it should be handled discreetly. Our airsoft gun is a lightweight tool that anyone can lug around easily. Its aesthetic look is top-notch.

The product is an electric airsoft rifle that is very easy to use. The battery that it uses is 1.9V, which is capable to last for an hour if it’s fully charged. It also comes with a magazine.

The magazine is very easy to remove. There are functions on it that you can use to remove the magazine and also change the method of operation of this airsoft gun.

It’s a product that can work both as an auto shooting system or a semi-auto shooting system. If you’re using it for the semi-auto shooting system, then multiple BBs would be firing at the same time. So, it’s one that enables you to opt for the method that’s best for your basic need.


  • This product weighs 7.75 pounds, and it consists of stock and functions on it.
  • It has the ultimate button for the removal of the magazine.
  • This comes with a Flip-up Sight System. There is a rail at the top which is 10inches long that you can use for the support scope.
  • This product has the full futuristic that you need to have the instant use of it, though it doesn’t come with a scope.
  • It comes with a magazine that’s easy to use with it.
  • It’s an electric airsoft gun that uses a 1.9V battery.

4. Fire Power – M4A1

Fire Power - M4A1

If attaining the target is not your ultimate priority when using a prospective airsoft gun, but one that you can use for a long period. Obviously, this is recommended for kids.

If that’s you, then our product is the ultimate. It is a product that uses a laser battery. It doesn’t just come with a battery but also a charger.

The battery charges very fast, and its replacement with another battery when it runs out of power can be very fast also. It comes with a magazine which serves as the battery holder.

Unlike the conventional products, you can feed the BBs from the top right on the scope. In other words, there is no scope on this. It comes with a flashlight and is lightweight.

The functionality of this product is automatic shooting ‘alone,’ it doesn’t have semi-shooting. The gun is made of polymer, and the size of the BBs that work with it awesomely is 0.20g. It can travel far with this BBs.

You can’t get it wrong with this product if you’re a beginner, trust me. It has an eccentric design that would intrigue anyone.


  • The dimension of this product on delivery is 2 x 1 x 1 inches, and it weighs 2.72 pounds.
  • This product comes with a battery and a charger. The battery is absolutely easy to replace.
  • The battery can last for 4hrs if it’s well charged.
  • The scope is where the BBs are fed while the magazine is the battery holder.
  • This is an electric airsoft gun that is easy to lug around.
  • The airsoft gun is made of polymer.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain.
  • This product uses a 500-round magazine.

5. CYMA – AK47


How deep do you admire AK47? Do you appreciate the fact that it is easy to grip regardless of users’ hand size, or because it’s uniquely designed?

Whatever the case may be, this one is what can gratify you with a replica feature of a genuine AK47. You’d hardly know if this is just airsoft or a genuine one.

This even has a retractable stock for user’s optimal comfort. It’s a tactical airsoft gun that doesn’t come with a scope but comes with a metal rail at the top which you can use for scopes.

It doesn’t constitute nuisances at all. This is an electric airsoft gun that comes with a battery and a charger. It also comes with a pack of 0.20g BBs.

In other words, this is a product that you can save with. The battery that this uses is not a propriety charger. However, it works well with tickling charger.

In fact, the manufacturer advises potential buyers to look out for smart chargers to elongate the lifetime of the battery.

Notwithstanding, the manufacturer advised that potential users shouldn’t charge it more than 4 hours so that they can have the best use of the batteries.


  • This electric airsoft gun comes with a battery and a charger.
  • The major part of the product is made of metal while minute parts are made of plastic.
  • The use of this product is easy with the magazine and a pack of 0.20g BBs.
  • It’s a product that’s less pricey but comes with ultimate needs for instant use.
  • This is easy to store because the stock is retractable.
  • It’s lightweight. It only weighs 10 pounds.
  • The shots can cover 70-100feet.

6. ICS M4 Keymod Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun

ICS M4 Keymod Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun

Opt for our airsoft gun that features both an electric blowback system and an automatic function. It is a product that also comes with a magazine.

The magazine is for holding 360 rounds BBs, and it’s very easy to remove. Both the gun and the magazine are colored with tar color.

And guess what? It’s a lightweight unit. It even has a rear stock, and with its keymodhandguard, you’ll be able to have the effective use of the product.

It’s made of metal, and you can depend on its design for optimal flexibility while shooting. It uses an Airsoft GI battery, which is top-notch. The battery can last for a long period.

As a matter of fact, you can rely on our 45 days warranty to give this product a try. Of course, you won’t regret you did. It certainly has 2 operating styles that are exhilarating. The styles makes one determine the shooting frequencies and usage of BBs.

Regardless of the style that you could be using at a point in time, the BBs can still travel as far as 350-370fps. Although it’s made of metals, yet you can still use it for a long time.


  • This weighs 7-pound; it comes with the gun and the magazine.
  • There are two styles of operation for this product.
  • There is a rail system on this with an adjustable rear stock.
  • The airsoft gun is made of metal and polymer.
  • The velocity that it can cover per time is 390-400FPS.
  • This product is very easy to clean and save.
  • This product is not pricey at all.

7. Black Ops Airsoft Gun

Black Ops Airsoft Gun

Are you in search of an airsoft gun that features a handguard and has an ergonomic structure also so that even newbies can aim at target easily?

If yes, then here is our product that’s made fully of polymer though it features a steel gear also.

Other features that would mesmerize you is the flip-up sight, quick-release rail system, stock and they help in aiming at targets accurately, quick fixing of scopes, and crane stock for perfecting shooter’s support respectively.

The unit uses an 8.4v 1100mAH battery which is capable to last for a long time. It works well with BBs that’ weighs 0.12g. That size can travel 420fps. It has a tactical grip with a magazine.

The magazine makes the shooting intriguing since it can save quite a lot of BBs at a time. Either for blowback shooting or otherwise, this would still function exquisitely.

The manufacturer backs the purchase of this product with a warranty. It’s backed with a 1-year warranty. So, if in case you eventually don’t like it, you can always depend on the warranty for returns.


  • Though it weighs 8.3 pounds. It’s made of metal, and its interior is made in the form of M14.
  • The product uses an 8.4v battery.
  • It’s very durable and great at hitting targets.
  • This product is backed with a 1-year warranty.
  • This product is easy to operate and use.

8. Umarex Walter P99

Umarex Walter P99 

Are you looking for a pistol that features a blowback system? If yes, then opt for this product that is awesome.

The pistol is made of metal, and it’s so functional that the BBs can cover a distant of 320 feet away from the spot that you’re shooting from.

It is a product that works with BBs of any size. It can work with those that their weights are 0.12g and hefty ones.

The magazine, on the other hand, can save 15 BBs at once. And, the removal of the magazine is easy with the drop-free design on it.

There is an ambidextrous paddle on it, which makes it very easy to change the magazine.

The overall length of the pistol, however, is 7.5” and weighs 1.5”. So, it’s one that’s very easy to use or lug around. Nonetheless, there is a hidden CO2 design on its grip.

It shoots so well also and provides a real kick to every shot. It’s a product that you’d find to use regardless of the type of users that you are.


  • The dimension of this product is 10.9 x 3.4 x 10.2 inches, and it weighs 1.6 pounds.
  • The product is a pistol that is designed with metals.
  • It has an ergonomic design and usable with pellets of any size.
  • The magazine that comes with can hold 15 BBs at a time.
  • This features hop-up.
  • This is an affordable product that is highly reliable to use.

9. BBTac Airsoft Pump Action Shotgun Rifle

BBTac Airsoft Pump Action Shotgun Rifle

In case you need a gun that can drive out BBs from a distant of 375fps to 400fps, then this product is for you. This is an airsoft pump gun action that you’d love to use.

It’s so powerful that it can drive BBs to a far distant. The shotgun rifle is made mainly of metal alloy and ABS plastic. It’s a lightweight unit that weighs 4 pounds. It comes with a magazine though.

The magazine can save 14 BBs at a time. You can use a speed loader for them because it comes with one. In fact, it even has a hop-up, which is very much adjustable.

However, it neither comes with a scope nor an ergonomic design that you could use as a sniper. Nonetheless, the gunshot it releases is accurate that it can hit targets 50 feet away.

Not only does it come with speed loader but a sling also. The barrel is made of metal, and you can depend on it for maximum productivity.


  • The product has a magazine that holds 14 BBs at a time.
  • The rifle can propel BBs to a distant of 400FPS.
  • It works flawlessly with BBs of any size.
  • This product is lightweight and only weighs 4 pounds.
  • You can depend on the functionality of this product for maximum effect.
  • It features an adjustable hop-up and speed loader.
  • It comes with a sling also.

10. Marines Airsoft SR01

Marines Airsoft SR01

This airsoft gun is a spring loaded tool that you only have to pull back so that it could be cock before you take a shot. So, it’s not one that uses a battery.

However, it works well with BBs of 0.20g, and 0.25g. BBs travel a long distance if any of the two options is opted for. And, the inclusion of sight makes the use of the airsoft gun eccentric.

It has a quad rail system which makes the whole method of use very easy. It has an adjustable hop-up which you can control just by the side of the sniper rifle.

Furthermore, you can always hit the target with its high accuracy potency. As a matter of fact, it comes with a stock which is very foldable. In other words, it’s an airsoft gun that you can save with ease.

And guess what? If you need a gun that would shoot every BBs in the magazine, then this one would. The magazine saves 18 BBs at a time so it’s one that you’d use for long.


  • This is a product that uses spring and not a battery.
  • The product has an adjustable hop-up, and it features other eccentric futuristic.
  • It can easily be store. The rear stock is foldable.
  • This gun can propel BBs to cover a very long range.
  • It can be lugged from one place to another with ease.
  • It’s affordable and very unique.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Cheap Airsoft Guns?

How to Choose the Best Cheap Airsoft Guns

1. Power Source

There are diverse of guns that are provided on this platform. Some use electric, while some are spring-loaded.

So, opt for the very one that would aid you to have more control of your kids, and the very one that’s safe for them.

Provided you want to use your air soft unlimited and unrestricted, then you might need those that are spring-loaded.

2. Budget-Friendly

There are over ten products that are indexed here. We hope that you can get the very ones that are best for you as an individual in terms of your budget.

Of course, they are all affordable. Unlike some products, all the features that are provided are reliable and found reasonable for any buyer to gun for.

3. Warranty

Opt for a product that’s backed with a warranty if you’re not totally sure of its potential. Various products have their own distinctions.

So, you can even contact the manufacturer if you have any doubt about the purchase policy of the product. Just endeavor to make the right choices.

4. Usability

Finally, purchase a product that has the capability to provide you with the optimal result that you desire. These could be the number of feet a product can provide per time.

It could even be the inclusion of premium features such as a speed loader, an adjustable hop-up, and so on.

5. Reliability

Opt from any of the products on this platform because they are made from top-notch brands. You’ll just find any of them easy to use because they are reliable.

Final Verdict

Having read this, we hope that you’ve been able to decipher the one that is best for your need. We hope that you’ve used the Best Cheap Airsoft Guns Review to make your purchase. Howbeit, we recommend the best products for you. Just make your order.

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