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Here is a comprehensive review of the best airsoft sniper rifles. After checking out and testing several guns, we shortlisted the best of them for you.  We didn’t only list them out, but we also enumerated their features. We know you’ll want to know why we chose each of them.

Although you can buy any of the rifles in the review, we went further to pick out the best among them for you. So, making a choice will be very easy after going through our report. Knowing the product to buy is one thing, knowing where to buy it is another.

So, we have also included the best place to buy any of the rifles. We want you to get the best deals and to enjoy a 30-day return window.

For people who may decide not to buy any of the ones listed below, we have given a buying guide. With the information, they’ll know the factors to consider when purchasing any airsoft sniper rifle.

Our Picks of 12 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Reviews:

1. M14 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

M14 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle, Full Scale Airsoft Gun, High Power Long Range

This is a premium airsoft sniper rifle that its shots could cover a distance of 30ft.

However, it depends on the gram of the pellet used. The momentum of the gunshot is very directional, and it’s very accurate, especially when shooting BBs of 0.20g and 0.25g.

It’s excellent for taking distinct shots from a long distance. In fact, cocking is not difficult at all with its stout string. The gun is not weighty, and the adjustability of the weapon on target is eccentric.

However, there are two parts of this product, so it’s expedient that buyers remain mindful of their purchases. The manufacturer sells an airsoft sniper rifle that features adjustable hop-up, speed loader, and a 37-round magazine and one that has none of these.

The one that has none of them has a magazine which holds a 15-20 BBs, and you might need to even get a speed loader separately for it. So, if you’re placing an order, ensure that you specify your needs first, why? So that a wrong product would not be sent to you.

Nonetheless, in spite of the no speed loader that the other M14 possess, shooters can comfortably load the rifle and take a shot within a few seconds. Indeed, this feature (comfortable use) is relevant among the M14 sniper rifles.

You can even choose add-ons for them. The add-ons that you can use for M14 are Bipods, night vision scope, more prominent magazines, and many more. Please, contact the manufacturer and provide the list of features you look forward to seeing.

Furthermore, taking a single shot with this M14 is a breeze. The material used for the rifle itself is ABS plastic. So, it’s one that you’d enjoy its use, trust me.


  • The product weighs 6.5 pounds, and it comes in two separate parts. It needs little efforts for assembling.
  • It’s expedient that buyers specify their needs.
  • The product is made of plastic, and it has a stout string. However, the manufacturer has others that are powered by other sources of energy such as battery and gas.
  • Users tend to get every shot on target due to its high-accuracy power.
  • This comes with a manual which you can utilize in assembling the unit.
  • You can depend on this for long-term use.
  • This can only be used for single shots.


2. BBTac BT59 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

BBTac BT59 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Do you need an airsoft sniper rifle that comes with add-ons of all types? If yes, then this product is just for you.

It’s a product that comes with a bipod, scope, sling, and a magazine. This doesn’t come with a battery.

It neither comes with a battery nor uses gas; all you have to do is to cock and shot.

Nonetheless, please note that the heavier the bullet, the shorter the distance covered whenever you take a shot.

It can cover a velocity of 400FPS using a 0.20g BBs, while it can cover a speed of 350+ with 0.25 grams BBs. This product is made of ABS plastic, and it’s one that’s built-to-last.

However, you’d have to cock the gun first before you shoot. It has an adjustable hop-up. This has a non-jamming bolt action too.

It even comes with a speed loader which is ultra-functional with the magazine. The magazine is at the front of the gun. The magazine holds 25 BBs, and the bolt pull back very well.

The scope, on the other hand, is clear and very accurate. If you’ve got squirrels to send away from your vicinity, then this could be the ultimate tool that you need. It can sight object from miles. It’s just a product that you’d enjoy to use.


  • The product needs assembling before it can be used.
  • It comes with a bipod, adjustable hop-up, sling, and a 25-round magazine.
  • This product neither uses gas nor a battery; it is cock and shoot.
  • The airsoft sniper rifle is made of ABS plastic.
  • It’s usable with BBs of 0.20g and 0.25g and covers a velocity of 400+ and 350+ respectively.
  • This product is easy to use.
  • It can propel BBs to a distance of 50ft away in a straight direction.

3. Game Face GF529 Sniper Carbine Airsoft Rifle

Game Face GF529 Sniper Carbine Airsoft Rifle

Are you a starter, are you one who needs a gun that suits starters and highly functional? If yes, then this product is for you.

It comes with almost every equipment that you need to have the immediate use of it.

It comes with a pack of 0.20g BBs. The magazine that it also comes with can save 29 BBs at a time. There are rails on it which potential users can use for mounting a scope on it.

Indeed, the manufacturer enjoins buyers to purchase a 4” X 32“ for it because the size of its rail is 25mm. The gun works so well with 0.25g. This 0.25g BBs makes shots to be straight and distinct.

And guess what? In spite of its usability for weighty BBs, it could still shoot at a distance of 150ft away from the target. Of course, you’d have to cock and shoot with this product also.

Howbeit, the gun is 40 inches long and it is spring powered. Although it’s made of plastic, yet the barrel and the chamber are metal. The backside, however, is made of rubber.

These features don’t make it dwindle in its functionality at all but they make it even more functional. Purchase this and tell the difference.


  • The dimension of this product on delivery is 39 x 9.4 x 6.3 inches and it weighs 2.2 pounds.
  • The product is made of plastic and it comes with 0.20g. BBs.
  • You can depend on the use of this product for a long period.
  • It’s best used with 0.25g BBs and larger ones.
  • It has rails on it which is usable with 4 X 32 scopes.
  • This is string powered and very fast to cock and shoot.

4. Well MB4411G Airsoft Master Sniper Rifle 

Well MB4411G Airsoft Master Sniper Rifle 

Experience the REAL sniper’s adventures with the use of this rifle. Of course, you never can tell all that you’ve got not until you give this product a shot.

This is a foldable stout sniper that is made of bout polymer and metal. There is a stock rear on this that makes it easier for users to kickstand it.

Although it doesn’t come with a scope, yet it comes with a gun, speed loader, magazine, and a sling. It features a quad rail system though. This makes it easy to use a scope for this.

There is an adjustable hop-up also on this gun. It’s located just at the bolt. The trigger on it is easy to use. It’s so flexible though it’s made of metal.

Nonetheless, the magazine can save a total of 30 BBs at a time. We so much have full confidence in this product. It’s a product that can hit a target that’s 70ft away from the gun. It’s one that you can use a bipod or laser with for optimal result.


  • This product comes with all the accessories that you need, and it weighs 5 pounds on delivery.
  • This product has a foldable rear stock, and it can be used with scope since it comes with a quad rail system.
  • The product is made of both polymer and metal.
  • This product features a front and rear sling.
  • This features a paddle-style magazine which can save 30 BBs.
  • It’s easy to assemble and use.

5. UTG AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle

UTG AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle

Often, what you need to consider before opting for a product is the classes of persons that it’s being made for.

Some products are made for adults, while some are for children. Those made for children have stout polymer and metal on them, unlike the ones made for the former.

Those that are for children are often lightweight. This is to aid them to have the capability to maneuver it. And guess what? This product of ours is made of thick plastic also.

In other words, it’s a product with versatile significance. Both adults and children can use it because it’s thick and durable.

Although significant parts of its components are of polymer, yet the barrel, bolt, and trigger are of metals. The gun is quite heavy, but it’s elementary to operate.

In fact, it’s capable of covering a velocity of 480fps if a BBs of 0.20g is used. The assembling also is easy, how? Because the screws are reinstalled on the inside of the gun itself, so there is little to do while assembling it.

It has a rail at the top for easy installation of scope. Of course, you can use an adapter for it. It also comes with a speed loader and bolt.


  • This product is made of polymer and metal. The screws it comes with inside the gun.
  • It comes with a speed loader, 30-round magazine, and hop up adjuster.
  • This is a cock and shoot sniper rifle.
  • It works exquisitely with BBs of 0.2g and above.
  • You can depend on the use for a long time.
  • Although it’s heavy, yet one can use it with ease.

6. BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle

In the construction of this sniper rifle, we ensured that the product is built to last. The sling, trigger, barrel, and scope are made of metals though the rest is made of polymer.

With these, you can use the sniper rifle distinctively. The gun is lightweight and the metal used for the construction of the rifle is not vulnerable to rust at all.

Unlike some products, this comes with a scope that has optics on it for the easy magnification of objects. Meanwhile, the barrel and the sling, on the other hand, are bolted to the stock of the airsoft rifle.

The size of the rifle without the barrel is 29.5”. It’s best used for BBs of 6mm sizes. It comes with ones that you can use for its immediate use. This is a gun that’s 45” long and is usable with heavier BBs such as 0.25g and 0.30g.

Of course, it’s made of durable materials. The outward is plastic, but the interior itself is made of metals. The metal that it’s made up of is safe for children and fun lovers to use.


  • This is a product that weighs 10.3 pounds. It’s heavy but very usable.
  • It uses spring, and it’s made of plastic.
  • It has a scope on it that can magnify objects at a close distant (30ft +).
  • The bolt action is very eccentric. It also comes with a speed loader.
  • This comes with both a bipod and a scope.
  • This also features a 30-round magazine.

7. AGM Mp001 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

AGM Mp001 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Check out this airsoft sniper rifle that’s recommended for sports. It’s a top-notch product that features a strap on it.

It’s a toy rifle that’s great for airsoft combat. It’s a sniper rifle that you can use a scope of universal size for.

It comes with the full accessories that anyone would need to have the immediate use of the product. An addition of what it has is a pack of BBs.

Furthermore, it’s a functional unit that shoots at a range of velocity of 420 and 450. However, this is determined by the kind of pellet that’s used for it anyway.

The larger/heavier the pellet, the shorter the range it covers per time. You can simply use it for 0.20g and 0.25g, preferably because of its design.

The plastic doesn’t crack regardless of the time that it’s being used. Although it is heavy, yet teenagers and not kidskids are fond of are fond of  using thing is. It even has a clip on it for the quick-release of BBs.

The length of the gun itself is 42.5”. It’s a unique toy airsoft sniper rifle. Just purchase this and see for yourself.


  • The dimension of this product is 35 x 6 x 8 inches, and it weighs 5.6 pounds.
  • Most parts of this product are made of plastic while minute parts are made of metal.
  • It uses a string and not a battery. It features a strap for one to lug it around easily.
  • This product comes with a speed loader and a pack of BBs.
  • It could heavy, but it’s very easy to use with its stock.
  • It’s not costly at all.

8. BBTac MB06 SR-2 Tactical Airsoft Sniper Rifle

BBTac MB06 SR-2 Tactical Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Provided you need an airsoft sniper rifle that is great for hunting then you need this, why? It comes with a scope and other tactical accessories that would intrigue you.

The construction of this product comprises of an integrated weaver rail. The rail is a unique one that’s usable for scopes of all kinds.

It even comes with an adjustable hop-up. This makes the up-spin of the pellets so impactful so that they can reach a maximum range.

Also, it comes with an extendable Bipod. All these make shots super awesome. With 0.20g you can hit at a velocity of 500FPS. The magnifier on its scope even makes your accuracy on point whenever you take a shot.

In fact, there is an easy-to-release clip on it which makes the replacement of BBs very fast. And, the clip can hold a total of 24 BBs.

There are clip holders on it that are attached to the stock. And guess what? The stock is removable also. It’s just a product that you’d find easy to use.


  • This product is a bolt action airsoft sniper rifle that weighs 8.6 pounds.
  • The product has a scope on it with a 3x magnifier. The integrated weaver rail on it makes it awesome to use with a scope of any size.
  • This airsoft sniper has an ergonomic design. There is a bipod on it which height is very adjustable.
  • It features also adjustable hop-up and a stock.
  • You can depend on the use of this product for a long time.

9. Wellfire APS SR-2 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

Wellfire APS SR-2 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

Have you got a need for the purchase of an additional sniper rifle? If yes, then you don’t need a product that comes with either a scope or a bi-pod except if you need these also, why?

Because the absence of these would make the price of any airsoft sniper rifle costlier. Therefore, purchase this product that comes with neither of the two but functional.

Unlike some products, this particular one shoots BBs of 0.20g in a straight direction. It’s a product that’s made of metal and it doesn’t constitute a nuisance in any way.

Of course, it comes with a magazine and they only use plastic BBs and not metal. The product cover a velocity of 470fps with 0.12g, 450fps with 0.20g, 420fps with 0.25g, and 400fps with 0.30g.

Notwithstanding, it has an eccentric design. With the adjustable hop-up that is on it, you can easily determine the direction of your shots. The hop-up is functional for BBs of any size.

It’s just a product that you’d love to use. Besides, we’ll be glad to inform you that you can use scope and bipod if you think there is a need for them. It’s a product with unlimited benefits, trust me.


  • This product features a bolt action and it weighs 10 pounds.
  • It’s made of metal and painted with black color.
  • It comes with a magazine that can save 25 BBs.
  • This product comes with neither a bipod nor a scope but they can be used for it at will.
  • The product is very easy to use.

10. Spring Super Sniper Rifle

Spring Super Sniper Rifle

For rapid shots, you sincerely need a sniper that saves quite a good number of BBs. This would aid you to achieve your aim in time. It can save 30 BBs at a time.

Of course, you can use it for BBs of different sizes. It comes with a magazine and it’s a lightweight airsoft sniper rifle. The fact that it’s lightweight, it’s one that is easy to maneuver and it can be used by children also.

Indeed it’s a toy airsoft sniper rifle. In spite of this fact, its shots can cover a long distance. It’s one that its shot BBs can cover 200ft away. It’s made of ABS plastic and the barrel length is 32mm.

It has an aesthetic look and you can depend on it for long-term use. The color that it’s being painted of doesn’t scale off at all. It’s a durable product that you can depend on its functionalities.


  • This product is a bolt action that weighs 10 pounds. It’s a lightweight airsoft sniper rifle.
  • It neither comes with a scope nor a bipod.
  • It uses a magazine that can hold at least 30 BBs.
  • It can easily be lugged around and it shoots noiselessly.
  • The product is easy to save and use.

11. TSD tactical sd97 airsoft sniper rifle 

TSD tactical sd97 airsoft sniper rifle 

Our premium product comes with a 30-day warranty. This is a top-notch product that you’d indeed find easy to use in all ramification. With a single shot, the BBs will cover 500ft per seconds.

It has inimitable maintenance to accuracy. In fact, it can be used for BBs of all sizes. The sniper is long. Its length is 46”. It comes with a scope. The scope has 3-9X40 magnifier.

It has rails also on its top which is usable with scopes of various sizes. There is a bipod that comes with it and it’s adjustable. The major parts of the sniper rifle, however, is made of metal.

The barrel, outer body, rail, and bolt, and some parts of stock are made of metal. The metal they are made of is durable. They are made of none ferrous metal.

Nonetheless, it comes with a sling, magazine, and a speed loader. Also, there is an adjustable hop-up on this. Just purchase this and enjoy its use.


  • This bolt action airsoft sniper rifle weighs 11 pounds.
  • This product comes with the full accessories that you need to have the immediate use of it.
  • It comes with a bipod and a scope with high magnifier.
  • It can fire at a velocity of 400-500fps.
  • You can depend on this for long-term use and it’s highly affordable.

12. 510 fps wellfire vsr-10

510 fps wellfire vsr-10

Have you got a lot of wishes for your choice of purchase? If yes, then opt for this product that comes with the full accessories.

It comes with a magazine, gun, magazine, sling, BB loader, Bipod, and a scope.

The product is made of metal and polymer. And guess what? It’s indeed a durable product. Also, it features rails both at the top and bottom for optimal optics.

Also, there are forth and back sling. It’s just one that has an ergonomic design. The bipod is removable. The scope, on the other hand, has a magnifier on it.

With its fluted outer body, it’s one that you’d enjoy to make use of. Its shots can cover a velocity of 450-460fps depending on the weight of the BBs that you’re using at a point in time.

There is even mounting rings on it. It’s a product that quite a lot of buyers have found easy to use. What even catalyzed buyers’ interest is the undeniable quest of the manufacturer to helping customers in enjoying its use.


  • This is a lightweight unit that weighs 10 pounds and it is bolt-actioned.
  • This features an M700 style stock and it is covered with black color.
  • This airsoft sniper rifle is made of metal and polymer.
  • It’s easy to maneuver and its use is eccentric.
  • It’s a reliable product that you’d love to use. It has good customer service.

Which Airsoft Rifle Should You Buy?

Which Airsoft Rifle Should You Buy

Many at times, buyers are found confounded whenever they are faced with a cluster of options like this. So, if you’re among the multitudes that want to be guided on which airsoft rifle you should buy, then we recommend the M14 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle to you.

It covers the full features that any of the enlisted products have to offer you. Of course, there may be peculiarities in one way or the other. However, our experts have scrutinized their comparison and they all summed the best to be this M14 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle.

The product comes with a barrel cleaning rod which most of them don’t come with. As a matter of fact, the magazine holds 37 BBs whereas, none of the rest has a magazine that can hold such a huge number of BBs.

So, regardless of what you intend using an airsoft sniper rifle for, this would save you the hassle of cock and shoot. All you have to do is load the magazine and continue shooting for as long as you can.

Think of availability of a speed loader, adjustable hop-up, sling, and stock, this product comes with all. You would enjoy the unlimited service of the manufacturer also. They would also be there for you whenever issues arise.

Where to Buy the Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

Could one buy an original airsoft sniper rifle anywhere? No. Where to buy the best airsoft sniper rifle, however, is via Amazon.

Amazon is the largest e-commerce website in the world. It’s a platform that serves the whole world. Regardless of where you reside in the world, you can purchase airsoft sniper rifle at a reasonable price and still enjoy its use.

The benefit of buying through Amazon is that you tend to get the best offer that’s being provided by the manufacturer. Of course, an example of the offer is the warranty. Products that are on Amazon are backed with warranties.

In addition, the delivery of products that are bought on Amazon is faster than others. And to crown it all, you are only bound to get the best products on Amazon as far as quality is a concern.

The website has been existing for more than a score of years, yet the services are still top-notch.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

Choose the Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle

1. Magazine or Clip

Some products come with magazines while some come with quick-release clips. Whichever you choose, you’ll still have the best use your airsoft sniper rifle. All you have to do is to familiarize yourself with its use and you’ll become an expert.

2. Capabilities

Identify the best BBs that’s used for a product. Know also the specific range at which it can cover per seconds. This would aid you to know whether the product itself is best for the purpose that you’re using it for.

3. Budget-Friendly

Also, always consider the particular product that would aid you to save more. In other words, don’t conclude that a specific product is the ultimate not until you’ve checked others too.

However, the exception here is only when the product itself has the prerequisite that you need in achieving an aim.

4. Reliability

Check the full features of a product and see whether that’s what you need truly. In fact, click on the link that’s provided and read the website that you are alluded to for further knowledge. This would aid you to make the best transaction.

5. Warranty

It might interest you to always lookout for products that have warranty, why? This makes your transaction safer.

In other words, you tend to be on the safer side with this compared to others that don’t. Please note that all the products that are enlisted here are backed with a warranty.

Final Verdict

We hope that you’ve been able to purchase the best with use of this Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review. The pieces of information that are provided here on this platform are genuine and you can rely on them for a long period.

You can’t just get it wrong with any of these products. They are ones that buyers all around the world are recommending.


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