We know there are all kinds of airsoft guns in the market because of the popularity of the game. To take advantage of the demand, manufacturers keep churning out different airsoft rifles and shotguns. Of course, we are glad of the development.

However, what we don’t appreciate is the fact that there are many low-quality airsoft shotguns. To prevent people from purchasing some of the low-quality guns, we have given you a list of some topnotch airsoft shotguns below.

After several months of testing different types of airsoft guns, we shortlisted the best ten. You only need to see their characteristics to understand why they are on our list. Even though the ten guns are fantastic, one of them stands out among them.

It is the best of them all. If you want to know which one of them it is, keep reading this review to the end. To wrap things up, we also gave a few buying tips.

Our Picks of 12 Best Airsoft Shotgun Reviews:

1. UTG Sport Airsoft Multi-Burst M4 /90 Combat Shotgun 

UTG Sport Airsoft Multi-Burst M4 /90 Combat Shotgun 

Looking for a combat shotgun with premium futuristic? If yes, then this is for you. This product is one that comes with three shells, two red shells and one black shell.

And each of the shells can hold thirty BBs at once. In other words, it’s a nice combat shotgun that aids users to take their shots rapidly.

It fires 3 BBs all at once. In fact, it comes with a shell, and the polymer used for the construction of the gun itself is eccentric.

There is windage on this. This aids in preventing the gun from wobbling even when mounted in a windy environment. Notwithstanding, the weapon is string-loaded.

You need to cock/pump the gun before you make every shot. Although it doesn’t come with a scope and a flashlight torch; yet it has a rail system on it, and you can always use a flashlight torch for it as an accessory.

It has a grip on it, however, that you’d love to use with the gun. The inclusion of this, obviously, makes shooters to hit pin-point targets.

There is also a twistable stock on it that aids users to make movements easily and rapid shot with maximum accuracy in a high degree.

Of course, this is an airsoft combat shotgun that is of top-notch design. The stock can even be adjustable into four directions. So, if at all you need a combat shotgun that would provide you with high flexibility to move in all direction while you take rapid shots, then this is what you need, trust me.


  • The dimension of this product on delivery is 36.2 x 9.4 x 3 inches, and it weighs 5.7 pounds.
  • This product is recommended to potential users that are more than 18 years old.
  • It has an adjustable stock that can be adjusted into four directions.
  • This comes with a sling and three shells.
  • The velocity that each BBs can cover is 300fps, and it spills 3 BBs simultaneously.
  • It is made of ABS plastic and very easy to utilize.
  • The length of the gun from the trigger is 24”.

2. Double Eagle M58B Metal Tactical Airsoft Shotgun 350-FPS

Double Eagle M58B Metal Tactical Airsoft Shotgun 350-FPS

Manage your BBs discreetly at the quest of learning by opting for this product that spills 2 BBs at a time. Our airsoft shotgun aids tactical approaches to targets.

It doesn’t come with shells but a magazine. The magazine holds 15 BBs with ease. Indeed, it’s a product that has two barrels, and they are both made of metal.

An exception to that, the other parts of the shotgun are made of ABS plastic. It’s spring-loaded, and the mechanism it uses is slam-fire.

Indeed, this is great at creating beautiful shots because of the slam fire aids in the continual shooting of BBs. And guess what? It can cover a distance of 400fps.

Nonetheless, this is a shotgun with medium size. The length of the shotgun is 18” with its grip effortless to hold regardless of the potential users’ hand size.

It doesn’t come with a rear stock, but one can be fixed onto it. It only spills one pellet at a time. If an admirer is not careful, he or she would think it’s a real gun because of its realistic design. This product doesn’t come with accessories, but anyone can use it with all conveniences.


  • This product weighs two pounds, and it comes with accessories.
  • This product comes with a speed loader, an adjustable hop-up, and a magazine.
  • The magazine can hold 15 BBs at once, and it only spills one BB at once.
  • The product is lightweight and easy to use.
  • The shotgun can only spill one BBs at once.
  • This is cock and shoot.
  • This shotgun is great for 6mm BBs.

3. BBTac Airsoft Pump Action Shotgun 400 FPS 

BBTac Airsoft Pump Action Shotgun 400 FPS 

Make every moment full of fun with this lightweight shotgun that you can lug around regardless of your strength.

No stock with the purchase of this product. However, it comes with a magazine; which can hold 14BBs at a time, very safe for usage.

It has a safety switch just by the trigger. Also, there is a speed loader with this and a clip. There is also a button on it that you can utilize to release the magazine so that it could be refilled.

Notwithstanding, it has a spring-loaded design, and is made of plastic. In other words, it’s cock and shoot, though it’s easy and the release is so fast.

However, you can’t use a scope for it because the top of the gun is smooth. It’s good with BBs that are 6mm long though.  It can work with heavier ones also.

And for the heavy ones, it can propel them to a distance of 50ft towards a straight target and 500fps to a destination at a far distance in the form of projectile.

The product is as unique as the costly shotgun even though it’s not designed for shooting targets at far range.


  • This product is a lightweight action shotgun that weighs 4 pounds.
  • It comes with a magazine that can save 14 rounds of BBs at a time.
  • This comes with a speed loader and an adjustable hop-up.
  • BBs can travel 400fps from the spot that it’s shot.
  • It comes with free sling and very reliable to use.
  • It’s affordable to use.

4. Hwasan Double Barrel Green Gas Airsoft Shotgun

Hwasan Double Barrel Green Gas Airsoft Shotgun For the shooting of BBs that are weighty to a distance that’s hundreds of feet away, then you might consider using a gas-powered shotgun.

The gas-powered units would propel BBs farther than what any other power source can offer. The propensity at which a BBs is spilled matters a lot.

And using ours that can eject BBs that weigh 0.30g and propel them to attaining a distance of 400fps. This tool makes your shots to be more of a PRO.

This has a double barrel, and it looks exceptional. It comes with two shells, and each of them holds 14 BBs at a time. However, each is both used for 0.20g if at all you want to carry 14 BBs at a time.

It’s a unique product that is made of furnished wood, metal, and ABS plastics. The trigger on it is 2-prong like and made of ABS plastic too.

In addition, the accessories that come alongside with the delivery of this product is awesome. The very intriguing one is the one that comes with 5,000 pieces of 0.20g and the two shells that go with it.


  • The dimension of this product is 21 x 7 x 3 inches, and it weighs 5 pounds.
  • The two shells that come with the delivery of this product holds 14 BBs at a time.
  • The product is double barrel and very reliable to use.
  • The product comes with accessories, including 5,000 of BBs.
  • This product is lightweight and easy to use with its dual triggers.

5. BBtac BT-M58A 350 FPS Spring Pump Action Airsoft Shotgun

BBtac BT-M58A 350 FPS Spring Pump Action Airsoft Shotgun 

Do you seek for a shotgun of inimitable action that you can feel its impact even by holding it? If yes, then opt for our shotgun that has a robust and rugged construction.

The shotgun spills one BBs at a time and very easy to use for hunting. It comes with a strap and clips wherever the straps can be attached to.

It’s a ‘cock and shoot’ shotgun that conveys BBs to a far distance. It fits realism so well that there is a heat shield with drilled holes on its inside, which makes it a full replica of the authentic gun.

Although it doesn’t come with a speed loader, yet it comes with an adjustable hop-up switch just by the side. Also, the magazine that comes with it can be fixed onto the gun by just sliding it inside it.

So, if you want a shotgun that can deliver frequent gunshots, then this is absolutely yours. This has a sling on it, and major parts of it are made of metal.

Indeed, this implies that it’s a product that you’d enjoy to make use of. And guess what? It can cover 357 feet per second.

It features a slam fire. The slam fire enables users to make rapid succession while the trigger is pressed down steadfastly.


  • This is a pump and shoot. If you can pump a few times before pulling the trigger, then more than a single BBs would be released.
  • It is a heavy-duty shotgun that doesn’t come with a speed loader.
  • It uses a magazine that holds 15 BBs at a time.
  • The shotgun is durable and exquisite for rapid shots.
  • It has an adjustable hop-up and sling on it.

6. Evike CYMA M870 3-Round

Evike CYMA M870 3-Round

For years now, our Evike CYMA M870 3-Round has become a model to other shotguns that pumps out three BBs at a time. The airsoft shotgun spills three at a time.

And, it does that each time the trigger is pulled. The gun is lightweight and has an eccentric shape. Of course, there is no rail on it that you can use to mount scopes.

However, you can get the accessories that you need with them just by listing.

The available inclusions that you’d need are indexed on the manufacturer’s website. Notwithstanding, it comes with a sling and a shell. It has the sling both forth and rear part of the shotgun.

This does use a magazine also, and it holds a good number of BBs in it. It’s lightweight, and the major part of its body is made of metal.

It features the unique design that provides optimum safety to users at any time. This gulps target so well with its muzzle velocity that could cover a range of 280-360fps.


  • The product has an adjustable hop-up with it and a safety function.
  • The airsoft shotgun, a magazine, and one shell all come with the delivery of this product.
  • This airsoft gives a tri-shot at every single pull on the trigger.
  • This has an eccentric design, and other accessories can be ordered with it.
  • The slings are at the rear and forth of the shotgun.
  • It’s highly affordable.

7. Double Eagle DE M56A

Double Eagle DE M56A

Get an airsoft gun that is capable of making you feel in control. Opt for this product that doesn’t jack off the hook whenever the trigger is pulled.

And guess what? It spills 3 BBs at once. However, the shell that it comes with can hold thirty 0.20g BBs at once. And, each time the trigger is pulled, 3 BBs are projected at once.

That means the trigger has to be pulled 10 times to get the BBs all off from the shell. It neither uses a battery nor gas as a power source. You just have to pump and shoot.

This would still propel the ejected BBs to a distance of 330fps. It has other top-notch functions on it. And operating the functions is comfortable with the manual that comes alongside with the delivery of the product.

With the manual, you can quickly master the use of this product. The shotgun uses a fixed hop-up. This is to enable novices to shoot at a long-range.

Furthermore, the design of this product is compliant with universal safety rules. It’s a shotgun that comes with a speed loader and a sling.

In fact, it is a premium product that people around the globe have been finding easy to purchase. The manufacturer provides a fantastic service that would intrigue potential buyers, opt for it and tell.


  • The shotgun has a fixed hop-up and a speed loader.
  • It comes with a shell that saves thirty 0.20g of BBs at a time.
  • 3 BBs projects out with a single pull of the trigger.
  • It comes with a manual that makes it very easy to use.
  • Each shot can reach a distance of 330fps.
  • It’s a lightweight airsoft gun that can be lugged around.

8. Jag Arms Scattergun HD Gas Airsoft Shotgun 

Jag Arms Scattergun HD Gas Airsoft Shotgun 

Airsoft shotguns that spill three BBs are of optimal relevance in a CQB game. It makes the target to be helpless.

However, using the very ones that are powered by gas make the target to be left out of chances even at a far distance.

Indeed, these are what our product stand to offer you. The design of our product is appealing. It comes with a butt stock that aids a shooter in having the conveniences that’s needed in having an eye on the conspicuous target.

Apart from that, we provide modes on this. The firing modes makes it easy to shoot 3 and 6 BBs at a time. Notwithstanding, the number of BBs you shoot at a time, either 3 or 6, depending on the mode function that you preset.

And, regardless of the mode function you select, the shotgun can project the BBs to a distance 300-330fps far away from the shotgun. The gun comes with a shell, and the shell can hold 30 BBs of 0.20g at once.

You just can’t get enough with our service at all. There is a removable gas tank that’s just at the stock. And guess what? These are accompanied by a 30-day warranty.

It’s just one that would provide you with the full liberty that you need either as a novice or a savvy.


  • The magazine of this product can hold 28 BBs at once.
  • It has a function on it that aids users in selecting the mode they want.
  • This product is gas-powered and very easy to use with the trigger that comes with it.
  • It delivery of this product comes with a shell and the gun itself.
  • This product is backed with a 30-month warranty.
  • The shotgun propels BBs so well.

9. CYMA CM351 M Spring Airsoft Shotgun

CYMA CM351 M Spring Airsoft Shotgun One important feature to look out for when opting for a product is the capability of the product to last long. And, that’s our priority when looking for a premium product for you.

This model is top-notch. It’s made of metals. The metal that this is made of is non-ferrous. It’s one that is not susceptible to rust at all. It possesses a tri burst shot function.

The function aids in the “disseminating” 3 BBs at once. You even don’t have to worry about the burst BBs because this product comes with 3 spells. And, each of the spells can hold 30 BBs.

So, it’s glaring that you can repeatedly fire for as long as you want. It uses neither batteries nor gas for its power source.

Therefore, you can’t be limited while you’re taking your shots. It doesn’t come with the spells alone but also a speed loader.

The construction of the gun is compliant with the global standard. As a newbie, you can use it for shooting BBs that weigh 0.12g to a distance that’s about 350fps away.

Notwithstanding, it has a compact design and can easily be saved.


  • This is a compact shotgun that releases 3 BBs at once.
  • The BBs can travel to a distance of 350 feet per seconds.
  • This gun comes with three shells, a speed loader.
  • The handle that this comes with is easy to use regardless of the weather condition.
  • You can rely on the use of this product for a long time.
  • Though it is heavyweight, yet it can be lugged around easily.

10. Classic Army Airsoft GI Spring Shotgun

Classic Army Airsoft GI Spring Shotgun

In case you’re an individual who wants a shotgun that’s made wholly of metal that’s not vulnerable to rust and at the same time uses magazine, then you might need this.

Shotguns with shell system have their cons and pros. So, if you need a shotgun that is compact and has aesthetic looks, then you might need this.

It has a sling mount on it, and the magazine this has is removable. Besides, the magazine can hold 22 BBs with ease. The inclusion of the removable magazine even aids users to shoot the BBs for a long time. And guess what?

This is a shotgun that releases 3 BBs at a pull of a trigger. It uses spring-loaded mechanism for intensifying the momentum of the ejected BBs.

The standard AEG string that this applies, however, aids in the adjustment of the muzzle velocity that a BBs can cover.

Notwithstanding, this can cover 420-430fps because of its magnificent design. Although the body is made of metal, yet the stock is made of metal. In addition to the compact structure of this product, this is a lightweight product.


  • This is a lightweight airsoft shotgun that weighs 9 pounds.
  • This makes a tri-shot with every trigger pulled.
  • This has a removable magazine that holds 22 BBs that weigh 0.20g flawlessly.
  • FPS of this product ranges from 420-430 fps.
  • This has sling mounts on it and is spring-loaded.
  • Neither battery nor charger is used for this.

11. Evike CYMA M3 Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun

Evike CYMA M3 Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun

It’s no longer news that this model has got buyers raving about it because of the intrinsic upgraded features that it possesses.

Unlike some other premium products, this can be used with BBs that weigh 0.12g, 0.20g, 0.23g, 0.25g, and 0.30g.

It’s just a tool that would provide you with the optimum comfort that you need. It merely comes with both a magazine and a shell so that you can use your most preferred choice.

Nonetheless, our product doesn’t use an adjustable hop-up but a fixed one. This is to aid users, including novices, to have constant shots of BBs to a long distance.

It shoots three BBs at a time, and you’d have to do this 10times before you can exhaust the BBs on its inside. That’s because the shell can save 30 BBs at a time.

The setup and the use of this product are simple to carry out with the aid of the manual booklet that comes with the delivery of the product. It’s a premium shotgun that you can use just like any other one in the marketplace, however, of the same category.

The materials used for the construction of this product are first-class. They make the handling of the gun simple and even make it durable. Just purchase this product and testify about its magnificence.


  • This product has a tri-shot design. This means it spills 3 BBs at once.
  • The design makes this product usable with accessories such as a scope, optic, shoulder straps, and so on.
  • The spilled BBs can cover a range of velocity of 280-306FPS.
  • This utilizes a pump/string action which is undoubtedly top-notch.
  • This can be used with ease. It features all the CYMA M13 features including Keynod and durable barrel.
  • This comes with an attractive price tag.

12. High Velocity 400 FPS Sawed Off Pump Shotgun

High Velocity 400 FPS Sawed Off Pump Shotgun

If you’re savvy, you will concur with me that determines the magnitude of the BBs shot is the length of the gun itself.

In other words, the longer the shotgun, the farther it spills BBs. However, that’s when a potential buyer chooses to look from a skeptical point of view. This product is very long.

The length of the gun is 27”. This is a gun that can launch its BBs 400feet away from the target, and its delivery would be top-notch.

Howbeit, the distance it covers depends on the weight of the BBs that’s used. It can cover a magnitude of 400fps and 350fps if 0.12g and 0.20g are used respectively.

See, we’re not just offering you this airsoft gun alone, but this would be delivered with a speed loader, a pack of BBs, a manual, and a cleaning rod.

It uses the spring-powered mechanism and, trust me, it works so well. Nonetheless, it’s made of ABS plastic, and you can depend on its functionality for long-time use.


  • This is a lightweight shotgun that weighs 1.5 pounds and is a full-size pump gun.
  • This product comes with accessories which include a manual.
  • Additional accessories can be ordered alongside the follow-come.
  • The shotgun is made wholly of ABS plastic except for the barrel.
  • This gun is 27” long from the trigger.

What is the Best Airsoft Shotgun?

Having considered these plethora of products, basically inquiring which of them is the best make you be one step ahead in the purchase of reliable products.

Of course, there are a lot of options that you can opt from on this platform, but we confidently recommend this UTG Sport Airsoft Multi-Burst M4/90 Combat Shotgun to you.

When you’re seeking for popular shotgun, what you should look forward to seeing is the number of BBs that is released at a pull of the trigger. Some products release 1; while some 2, and some 3.

If you don’t want to stand a chance to lose a panning target, then you might need those that spill 3 instantaneously. Trust me; if your target is a far off, you’d need such a product that’s long and usable with scope to make your CQB game more exhilarating.

Your comfort while using this shotgun would be immeasurable with the inclusion of the twistable stock that it has. The stock can be adjusted in 4 different directions so that users can conveniently aim at targets.

And finally, what compelled us to choose this is because the manufacturer is known to be concerned mainly about the satisfaction of their clients.

They ensure that the policies are admirable and the price tags on their shotgun are fair. In a nutshell, this is the only product that we can recommend to buyers regardless of their demands. Their functionalities are top-notch and highly fascinating.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Airsoft Shotgun?

How to Choose the Best Airsoft Shotgun

1. Number of releasable BBs per Pull

Look out for airsoft shotgun that spills the number of BBs that you want. Mostly, you could find products releasing more than one, and you could find some also that have dual shooting mechanism. Nevertheless, regardless of the one you choose, have a need to equal the futuristic to.

2. Capability

On this platform, we provide you with diverse products that are powered with different sources. Provided you need a shotgun for propelling BBs of weighty size to a far distance then you’d need those that are powered with gas. However, the inverse is the case to those that are powered by the pump mechanism.

3. Accessories

The products that are enlisted here have various features. They come with diverse of futuristic, and that includes the accessories that come with them.

So, it’s expedient that prospective buyers opt for the very ones that are best for their needs before they opt for a product.

4. Lightweight

Buy a product that you can comfortably use with regards to your strength. In other words, consider your conveniences whenever you’re opting for a product.

5. Affordability

Of course, another factor that you’re to check while making your choices is the prices. Check for the one that fits both your needs and budget.

Final Verdict

We hope that you’ve been able to seize the moment with the use of our Best airsoft shotgun review. We hope that you’ve found the very one that’s best for your elementary need. And, we hope that you’ve adhered to the instructions that are provided in purchasing a top-notch product.

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