Best Airsoft Mask

Apart from airsoft guns, you also need airsoft masks for safety reasons. The face covers prevent the bullets from hitting any of your eyes.

So, the mask is another essential airsoft accessory. As you would expect, there are many types of face covers in the market today. They come with different qualities and at varying prices.

You no longer have to pick any of the masks at random. You should know the best masks in the market. That is why we searched through the market for all airsoft masks.

We checked their features. In the end, we picked the best eight based on our assessment yardsticks. So, instead of wasting your time combing the market for a good airsoft mask, you only need to pick anyone from this list, and you’re good to go.

To prove that we didn’t just select the products randomly, we have outlined the qualities of each of them below. Finally, we included a buying guide for people who may not want to choose any mask from our list.

Our Picks of  8 top Airsoft Mask Reviews:

1. Outgeek Airsoft Mask Full Face 

Outgeek Airsoft Mask Full Face 

It is one of the best airsoft masks in the market today. It offers the utmost protection.

It is made with high-quality materials and can withstand a BBs shot of over 700 fps.

It is a tight mask considering its innovative design that combines polythene resin coating procedure with low-temperature annealing hardening procedure.

The steel mesh of this mask is flexible to enhance comfort when wearing it and also provide the maximum protection to the user’s head.

The mask has excellent ventilation that will ensure unrestricted airflow. The design also leaves no room for fogging hence gives the best visibility.

It has an inner lining that absorbs shock as well as keep the user comfortable. Out geek airsoft mask full face gives protection to your ears.

With this mask, you can even wear glasses to enhance your sight. It also has a neat feature where you can attach your logo on both sides of the cover, the back and the forehead.


  • Sturdy and can take shots of BBs 700 fps
  • All-round protection
  • Lightweight with 0.119kgs
  • Adjustable mesh to fit user’s face
  • Straps lace to adjust head size
  • More than adequate ventilation
  • High-quality low-carbon steel
  • Inner lining that absorbs shock

2. Tactical Crusader 2G Airsoft Strike Steel Half Mask

Tactical Crusader 2G Airsoft Strike Steel Half Mask

Tactical crusader steel half mask is another fantastic small and light half mask that works excellent in protecting your face.

It is designed to fit the contours of many goggles hence allowing you to use several glasses with them. It is perfect to be worn with a tube mask because it has an unpadded interior.

It is designed with a sturdy metal mesh. It has elastic straps attached to it for adjusting the mask to the user head size. The metal mesh enables unrestricted airflow to increase comfort and breath ability.

The mask comes in various designs with different colors. The models include camouflage, dull black color and other designs.

It has an excellent cheek weld when aiming with your rifle due to its low profile. Using it gives the user confidence as it is a right protective gear when you are out there.

It also gives a little intimidation with the design hence giving the user a psychological advantage.


  • Full metal mesh mask providing excellent protection
  • Lightweight
  • Great ventilation enhancing breath ability
  • Adjustable elastic straps
  • Dual elastic head straps for safety
  • Multiple design colors
  • High quality that is non-poisonous
  • Unique design to fit contours of many goggles

3. Out geek Airsoft Half Face Mask

Outgeek Airsoft Half Face Mask

With a unique design, the Out geek airsoft half face mask is excellent for any beginner. It offers exceptional safety with its metal mesh that can be molded to fit any face.

This mask is a half-face and usually comes in a set with goggles to protect your eyes.

It is made with Lightweight low-carbon steel that make it durable and with the glasses, you get a full face and eye protection.

The mask has two adjustable elastic straps that make the cover fit well for any head size. One thing to note about this mask is, its ability to fold to suit the user face accordingly.

It also has excellent ventilation that prevents fogging on the cover. Out geek airsoft half face mask is built to offer comfort and safety for every kind of person.

The goggles make the user see with utmost clarity. It blends well with many costumes, including Halloween costumes.


  • Low carbon steel material
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable design
  • Provides excellent protection to BBs under 310 fps
  • Adjustable elastic straps
  • One size fits all model (women, men, kids and adults)
  • Perfect for airsoft and outdoor activities
  • Great ventilation

4. Outgeek M50 Airsoft Mask Full Face Skull CS Mask

Outgeek M50 Airsoft Mask Full Face Skull CS Mask

It is another powerful protective mask that is shock resistant and offers excellent full skull protection.

It is designed to withstand a 350 fps gun from a 3-5 meter distance. The construction of this mask ensures that it is sturdy and durable, offering top protection.

Its goggles are reliable and give excellent clarity. They also have a secure lock to ensure they remain in place.

The mask has a set of two inner glasses that are sunshine proof and explosion-proof.

The Out geek M50 mask has two canisters and air holes to facilitate breathing. The two give adequate airflow. The fans in this mask also help stop the fogging of your goggles.

The mask generally looks excellent in every costume and any canisters that you can use. The cover is flexible to use in many games and outdoor activities.


  • Shock-resistant engineering
  • Set of two pairs of glasses to offer protection against explosion and sunshine
  • Fan canisters with a simple push-button
  • Excellent mask offering multiple playing options
  • Secure lock for goggles to fix visor into place
  • High-density straps to stabilize the cover
  • Strong plastic of high quality
  • Fan to prevent fogging

5. Coxeer Airsoft Mask full-face

Coxeer Airsoft Mask full-face

This fantastic airsoft mask has been designed to provide the perfect fit and comfort to the user.It is made with high-quality materials that make it durable, non-poisonous as well as odorless.

This mask is a full-on tactical and goes far in protecting the user. It has a relaxed and stylish design that makes it easy to blend with any choice of airsoft costume.

It has straps that enable it to fit well on the faces of both minors and adults. The straps are designed to give comfort as per the user preference.

Coaxer airsoft mask full face is made with high-quality plastic and features a metal screen design on the eye area to give extra protection to the eye.

The interior of the mask has been padded on the head, cheeks and nose area to give a desired comfort to the user and increase performance.

The mask has a lot of holes that enable easy breathing but maintaining full-face protection. The cover is lightweight to increase comfort and easy use by minors.


  • Made with environment-friendly, odorless and poison-free material
  • A full-size face mask that fits an adult
  • Multiple straps to enable a tight fit
  • Amazing and cool design
  • Lightweight
  • Metal screen for eye protection
  • Multiple holes for breathability
  • Great interior padding

6. FMA New Wire Mesh Alien Vs Predator AVP Full Face

FMA New Wire Mesh Alien Vs Predator AVP Full Face

This mask has resin glass fibre and composite materials that are high strength to give you the protection needed.

It makes this mask to withstand a high power airsoft rifle hit and keep the user safe. The material also adds to its durability because of its strength.

FMA new wire mesh Alien Vs Predator mask is designed to be user-friendly and also blend well with airsoft costumes.

It has a metal mesh around the eye area to keep the eyes protected. Its straps are elastic and adjustable to help keep the mask tight while playing. The straps also help with different head sizes.

The interior of the mask is padded nicely for comfort and excellent experience for the user. The mask is ventilated for easy breathing. It is a perfect mask for many outdoor activities and games.

The design of this mask is well thought of and very attractive, giving the best experience in airsoft.


  • Adjustable size
  • Interior comfortable cushion pads
  • High-quality resin glass fibre
  • Professional paintball airsoft mask
  • Metallic wire mesh eyes protector
  • Elastic belt straps
  • Full face protection
  • User-friendly design

 7. Eggs & Banana Airsoft Mask

Eggs & Banana Airsoft Mask

It is one of the best tactical protection masks that do not fog. It gives full face protection and can withstand a hit of 400 fps up.

Eggs and Banana airsoft mask has high-quality fiberglass material that offers sufficient protection.

The eyes area has a powerful lens that can withstand airsoft hit. The lens gives better vision and is made with superior materials that are anti-fog.

Therefore, you should not worry about vision because this mask will keep you safe and keep you from being shot from the side with your opponent.

The mask has proper ventilation that enhances easy breathing. It has straps that lock for a better fit and also have a back pocket for small storage.

They are adjustable supporting well your mask whenever you are running or in a fierce battle. This mask has a great design and always can be customized by users to their liking by even attaching their signatures and logos.


  • Anti-fog material
  • Made by handmade fiberglass
  • Wide vision
  • Protection from 400 fps up
  • Full face protection
  • Bigger ventilation space, for better breath ability
  • Adjustable straps with locks
  • Customization with logos and signatures

 8. INVADER KING Airsoft Mask Army

INVADER KING Airsoft Mask Army

This mask is among the best since invader king have been known to produce amazing products from handmade materials.

This mask is made from a high-quality handmade fiberglass material that gives it strength to withstand a 600 fps hit from an airsoft gun.

Its lens is amazingly sharp and can withstand the same 600 fps up. The lens also gives a fantastic peripheral view and protection from the sun on warm days.

They are also anti-fog making this mask one of the best airsoft mask out there. This mask is a full face mask with it’s interior padded with cushion to increase its comfort when wearing it.

It has enough holes to allow breath ability and elastic straps that adjust the head size of the user for the perfect fit of the mask.

This mask has a unique design that enables better air circulation with the space between the nose and mouth while offering all-round protection. Its material makes it very durable.It is a mask worth having.


  • Soft interior cushion
  • Protect 600 fps up
  • Customization patterns
  • Handmade fiberglass
  • Easy to adjust
  • Comprehensive vision to enhance the optimal peripheral view
  • All seasons use
  • Elastic straps

Buying Guide- How to Choose the Best Airsoft Mask?

the Best Airsoft Mask

When buying airsoft mask, you must put into considerations some factors to enable them to choose the best item that will fit their needs.

These factors to consider may vary from individuals since every person has their taste, preference and as well as fitness of the mask since we are different in size and structure.

But above all other factors, protection and convenience must come first. Therefore when choosing airsoft masks, consider it’s protection and comfort. Search for the best airsoft mask with;

1. Full face or half face

It is a personal choice whether to go with a full face or half face mask. There are many products in the market and you ought to make a decision on which you will go. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of both of them before making a choice.

Full face masks are suitable for those people who want complete face protection with any compromise. Full face masks are more robust and durable.

Half face masks give the option of using goggles and the mask separately. They are usually cheaper and more comfortable since they do not cover the whole face.

However, they leave most of your face exposed, and you can choose to make some compromises with protection if you are going with these.

2. Dimensions, weight and size

Most people ignore the fact that all masks have different sizes and dimensions. Therefore they go ahead and buy the covers that are most attractive to them.It turns out to be a disappointment because after ordering. Online the masks end up either too big or too small.

Even though most masks have straps, it is better always to buy something that fits perfect without adjusting the straps.

The next thing that you might not want to go with is a heavy mask. Airsoft might require you to wear the mask a long time and therefore, to get something lightweight is essential and convenient.

All products have their weight mentioned on their product description section. Ensure to check that and get the mask that is as light as possible.

3. Air circulation

It is a significant factor to consider when buying an airsoft mask. Airsoft requires a lot of time playing, and you do not want to suffocate while playing.

The worse thing that can happen while playing is the combined fear of having an opponent trying to shot you and a sweaty face due to lack of air circulation.

Ensure that you get a mask that is well ventilated and gives room for maximum air circulation because you need that while playing.

4. Goggles

Some goggles are offer UV protection and anti-fog protection. While other goggles are everyday protection glasses and offer nothing more.

UV protection is essential mostly during summer times. It enables you to stay cool on those hot days and maintain your clear vision.

Anti-fog is essential also because it ensures your sight is perfect. Therefore when choosing goggles, it is good to go for the ones with anti-fog and UV protective features. You have an option of buying them separately with the mask of your choice.

5. Material strength and durability

The quality of materials used to make the masks determines its strength and durability. Getting a cover that is of high-quality will offer optimum protection and also ensure durability.

Some masks are made with materials that can withstand 700 fps up. They cannot crack easily, and they offer the best protection. Other covers are padded on the inside to enhance comfort.

You don’t want to buy a mask that will crack in a few games. Therefore consider how reliable the quality of the material is before you buy the mask.

This fabric is a solid choice for airsoft sport as it is light and sturdy enough to protect you against pellets. It doesn’t weigh you down for the most part, but it doesn’t let air circulate, so it’s essential to set up a suitable ventilation system.

The first step to winning tournaments is to play with a certain degree of convenience.

An airsoft projectile can strike you in the face with a plastic mask, and you’ll feel almost nothing. It doesn’t matter how many times they hit you because a complete face mask completely absorbs the damage.

For this reason, professionals involved in tournaments using larger projectiles prefer full face and never leave home without one.

6. Make the budget

Before you purchase an airsoft mask, it is essential to know how much money you have and how much you want to spend on buying the product. Search for the best, check the product that sells at a low price but offers the majority of the features.

Compare prices the products that you have selected and chosen the one that meets the requirements of your pocket. After choosing the best, you can then decide to put aside the money to buy it.

7. Purchase the product

After deciding on the type of airsoft mask you will buy, it is then essential to make a purchase now. Make an order for the product you have chosen. The order can be done online on the Amazon website. Make an order, and your product will be delivered in a few days.

Final verdict:

In conclusion, it is essential to get an airsoft mask that can protect you from injuries. In addition to that, also you need to enjoy the game because that is what it is all about.

Getting an intense mask that can withstand the hits, is essential as it is essential to also check on the price. The above covers have excelled in airsoft, and they give value for your money.

It performs excellently, and

they have fantastic designs that will leave you in awe. They are within reasonable prices but offer excellent protection out there when gaming.

It comes down to individual taste and preference when choosing the best airsoft masks. The above list is worth having a look at when you want to check out airsoft masks considering what they offer.

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